The music industry is a tricky business. All too easily, you can become a cog in its relentless machine. You need to stay true to your heart, even if that means making a radical change. That’s exactly what Dutch DJ/producer Don Diablo did, when he decided to take the next step with his Hexagon imprint.

Losing his father and a good friend to cancer made him realise that life’s too short to follow someone else’s dreams. After four years as a sub-label, Don transformed Hexagon into a full-fledged independent record label and platform, with over a billion streams and counting. So what to do when people tell you your style is undefined, hovering in between genres? Create your own style, obviously. With the launch of Hexagon in 2015, to great critical acclaim, Don Diablo played a pivotal part in shaping the Future House sound.

Originally, Hexagon was set up as a platform to give prominence to remixes overlooked by major labels, like Don’s own reinterpretation of Alex Adair’s ‘Make Me Feel Better’. But over the years, Hexagon has evolved into a full-grown record label. Winning Best New Label on Beatport with the most Top 10 hits in its first year, it soon became the leading Future House platform. Other highlights included Wombats – Give Me A Try and Zonderling – Tunnel Vision (Don Diablo Edit).

Don Diablo’s Hexagon radio show is now broadcast in 35 countries, with over thirteen million monthly listeners. Consistently making the Top 10 of the iTunes podcast section and the Top 5 of best artist-driven radio shows worldwide, it has been serving millions of Hexagonians with their weekly dose of kick-ass, forward thinking dance music. Not to mention Hexagon’s unique artworks, which are providing thousands of kids from Tokyo to Mexico with a wallpaper for the future—each design offering a unique experience, drawing you into new and breathtaking dimensions.

With this next chapter as an indie label, Don and his team are further cementing Hexagon’s position as a pioneering platform; a home for some of the world’s most cutting-edge artists gracing the main stage. Hexagon has never been about selling content, but rather about creating fulfilling careers. Each new artist within the collective receives intensive coaching and A&R support, enabling them to enter the music industry on the highest level. And each producer has his or her own unique story, precisely arranged in a logical series of releases.

Right now, an exciting period lies ahead for Hexagon. Don is joining forces with some of music industry’s finest to build its Amsterdam office and take things to the next level. They’re only beginning to delve into what it truly means to be an independent label. With music’s current climate reminiscent of the roaring 90’s, when eclectic labels like Interscope and Atlantic reigned supreme, the possibilities are endless. On the verge of exploring a myriad of genres and sounds, Hexagon is finally coming full circle. Back to the Future it is.

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