Park & Sons launch new imprint: Kobra Records

Today is a landmark day for Park & Sons; the birth of their brand new imprint: Kobra Records. After critically acclaimed and widely supported independent releases, remixes, collaborations and booties it was time to build a house on the foundation laid out. In their own words Kobra Records will release story telling techno, meaning that the music needs to have a strong emotional charge and jump-start ones imagination and fantasy. Behind the scenes the dynamic duo is also planning a new show, which sees them go live later this year, so watch this space!

The first Stellar Nights EP sees Park & Sons dive deeper into techno spheres. Opening track Stellar Nights takes off instantly steering you steadily towards a compelling melody reveal, whereas Afterlife opens with mystic synths shortly followed by a haunting reign of snares guiding you towards the theme in strings and driving bass line combined in a thrilling multi layer soundscape. We have lift off for Kobra Records and more musical techno stories coming your way soon!