Ultra Seoul, thank you!

June 10th & 11th saw GRM travel to Ultra Korea in Seoul and what a weekend it was!  First of all a BIG thanks you to the entire Ultra Asia posse, your hospitality exceeded expectations on all levels! We have never felt more welcome and your kindness and support truly made us all perform to the best of our abilities.

Kick off was for Park & Sons on the Resistance stage playing their signature techno set to a well consuming Korean crowd. Great to see Ultra Asia and Resistance invest in a proper underground stage. First you plant the seeds…..

Then it was time for some mainstage EDM action, provided by none other than Protocol’s Nicky Romero, who’s no stranger to Ultra mainstage sets. It only took a few records to create a stadium size mosh-pit, that left us all baffled. New Protocol records played, Raiden representing on stage for some proper Korean crowd interaction and a true party crowd we will never forget!

Simply the best feeling traveling to the other side of the world experiencing such unexpected heartfelt crowd energy and 7 star hospitality. We’ll make sure we’ll deliver more great records and shows, so you can’t deny us for the 2018 edition!