Debut Quentyn on Enroute ::: OUT NOW :::

Announcing his first release as a solo artist, Quirijn Smits, previously known as part of former DJ duo Volt & State, brings forth ‘Moving On’ feat. Robin Vane today as Quentyn. With this brand-new track, Quentyn re-enters the scene as a solo producer while showing his across-the-board growth as a musician and spotlighting his new-found vision.

The start of a new journey to explore different musical genres within electronic music, ‘Moving On’ touches base with Quentyn’s Progressive House roots. The track gives a less-linear, more-panoramic sense of direction to the Dutchman’s signature sound while putting additional emphasis on the melodic flares that have always been at the core of his productions. Accompanied by the soothing vocals of Robin Vane, the song marks a fresh start for Quentyn and sees him rack up immediate support from Nicky Romero and Don Diablo in their radio show. ‘Moving On’ sets the tone for more brilliant tracks to come later this year.

Quentyn: “Moving On’ marks the start of a new musical journey upon which I do not wish to make any concessions. I aim to produce and create music solely from the heart, as opposed to letting a label decide which route to take. In the past I have often thought about the response of the crowd whilst producing music, about how music sounds when it gets played in clubs or on stage. Back when Volt & State was still alive and kicking, we would take the audience or even the possible direction of a record label into account. ‘Moving On’ signifies a new course for me in the way that I now want to avoid all that, and just focus on creating and producing music that comes from within.”

Though Quentyn had already been releasing music since 2008, it wasn’t until the inception of DJ duo Volt & State in 2012 that the accolades began piling up. In those few bustling years, the duo turned heads with Progressive House smashes such as ‘Sandcastles’ and ‘Warriors’, which not only earned them support from EDM juggernauts such as Martin Garrix and Nicky Romero, but also made them line-up targets of some of the biggest festival brands in the world, including Tomorrowland. Since Volt & State announced their parting in October, 2016, Quentyn had been looking to rediscover his sound.  Now that he’s found his way to let his well-crafted melodies flow into whatever musical direction he pleases, it’s safe to say that there’s more high-end productions to expect from him in the near future.